Daily App-reciation - Omnifocus

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Check out the daily app recommendation. The apps that I "Appreciate". I can't live without this app.  My whole world revolves around GTD and Omnifocus has it all and is the most flexible.  It's a bit pricy but worth every penny. Also pick up the iPhone and and Mac versions for a complete GTD package.

iTunes Movie Trailers

Watching movie trailers is a great way to see what's coming out in theaters and also builds excitement for DVD releases.  I am a particular fan of trailers in the way they are produced.  A good trailer actually becomes part of the whole movie watching experience.  Well now you can get all the latest trailers in one very well designed app.  The iTunes Movie Trailers app for iOS is great. It has a Top 25 list as well as Movie backgrounds and more.


iTunes Movie Trailers App
Free as of October 15, 2011


Reminders iOS 5

Started using iOS5 Reminders today. Seems ok for quick reminders on the go. It won't replace Omnifocus for now, but still really useful for mundane tasks. I like that when I am near a location in which i need to do something it prompts me. For example I will always forget to take out the trash when I get home on Wednesdays. Now when I pull up to the house the phone beeps and I don't end up driving all the way down the driveway anymore only to have to walk back up.

I did find however if Wifi is off , the location based reminders don't work so well. Not sure why WiFi is needed if you are using the location fencing reminders? Isn't GPS enough to get the job done? Below is a short list of the kind of reminders i am using the app for.

  • Take out the Trash / Every Wed 5PM / When I arrive at Home
  • Pick up Dry Cleaning / Every Fri 5PM / When I arrive at Dry Cleaners
  • Drop Off Ebay Sales at Post Office / When I Arrive at Post Office

Note This app comes pre installed with iOS 5 so no download link is available.