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Do you remember how hard it was to raise money for our school fundraisers back in the day? Going door to door selling candy bars was rough. Now a days we really don't our kids walking up to strangers homes, but we still need to fundraise for important school projects.  

Just pretend Ryan knocked at your door and asked for a donation.  
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Ryan is collecting donations for his annual Read-a-Thon.

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Video Glitch Battlefield 4 on Mac Mini Running Windows 8

Problem: Video Glitch Battlefield 4 on Mac Mini Running Windows 8
Hardware: Mac Mini - Late 2012 (Boot camped)
Operating System: Windows 8

Are you trying to run Battlefield 4 on a boot camped Mac Mini? Are you experiencing video glitches during game play? This problem is making it impossible to play the game. Then this fix is for you.

  1. You need to download and install the latest Intel HD 4000 video drivers.
  2. Restart Windows 8
  3. Launch Battlefield 4
  4. Set all video options in Battlefield 4 back to default.
  5. Then resume play

You should now be able to see buildings, terrain, and have normal gameplay. You can increase your video quality based on your desired performance.