Giving your former iPad to a spouse or family member: the quick guide

Giving your former iPad to a spouse or family member: the quick guide:

My wife is thrilled with the "new" iPad 2 she inherited when my new iPadarrived. I wanted to configure it for her so she could get up and running, so I thought I would just change a few settings here or there and give it to her using my settings. After about 30 minutes of tweaking, I decided to start over from scratch.


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Make Your Own Magnetic Silly Putty [Video]

Make Your Own Magnetic Silly Putty [Video]:


Silly Putty is already an awesome enough substance as it is, but if lifting newspaper print has lost its luster, it might be time to turn to science. As it turns out, you can take that putty from silly to magnetic with nothing but 20 minutes and a couple spoonfuls of Iron Oxide. Added bonus: With enough time spent wrapped around a magnet, your new putty could even stick to the fridge all on its own. Check out the Instructable for more details! More »

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Reboot Your Drinking Habits with the Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cups

Reboot Your Drinking Habits with the Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cups:



Reboot yourself each time you have a coffee break with these cups from ThinkGeek!  The Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set consists of three 8-ounce plastic mugs that look like giant computer keys.  They can be used for hot or cold drinks, they’re dishwasher-safe, and they sit on a “circuit-board” tray when they aren’t in use.  They would be cute on a kitchen counter or on your desk at work.  They’re $11.99.

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iConvert hardware scanner for iPad coming in February

OK Maybe in the 90's this would have been cool.


iConvert hardware scanner for iPad coming in February:


Brookstone is set to launch an iPad specific hardware scanner in February. The scanner has been designed for the road warrior that no longer wants or needs to carry around a laptop, but needs to regularly scan documents on the go .

Our iConvert Scanner for iPad and iPad 2 Tablets scans hard copies to JPEG files directly to your tablet, giving you instant e-copies of your most important documents. The JPEG files are automatically stored in the picture folder. Great for use at home, the office and on the go. The entire scanner is sized to take with you in your messenger bag or backpack.
The scanner has a front document feeder tray which adjusts to accommodate documents from 2 inches to 8.5 inches wide. The scanner works with a free app which will be available from the App Store on launch. The iConvert Scanner will be available in early February and will cost $149.99. With so many software based scanners already available for the iPad 2, it is hard to see where this scanner will fit in. Unless of course you need high quality scans on the  move or have the original iPad without the camera.


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iConvert 3 iConvert 2 iConvert 1


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You Don’t Need All Those Chargers: How to Consolidate Your Extra Bricks and Still Power Your Gadgets [Power]

You Don’t Need All Those Chargers: How to Consolidate Your Extra Bricks and Still Power Your Gadgets [Power]:


Every new device you buy seems to come with its own charging brick and cable—which is good, until you have a drawer full of them in your office, or wind up having to pack a dozen charging cables, bricks, and wall adapters before you so much as go to the library with your laptop. Thankfully, most of them are interchangeable, and even if they're not, it's easy to trade a handful of cables for a single charger instead. Here's how. More »


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Future Watches from CES

Future Watches from CES:

Mobile watches zero in on the fitness market

As nostalgic as we are for horology, the developments in wearable digital media platforms are introducing some thrilling competition. Down at CES, tech heads were treated to a selection of accessories with intelligent interfaces, understandably weighted toward the fitness market, where pocket-less fashion necessitates uber-mobile technology. Below you'll find GPS-tracking, heart rate-monitoring, statistics-organizing and time-telling watches that are making a go at usurping your old Timex.


The super-sleek Basis watch is aimed at health-minded individuals looking to track their fitness process. Detailing essential data like heart rate and calories, the platform allows users to share their progress with friends in a simple web "dashboard" that assigns point values to health achievements. Basis is launching Spring 2012 and will retail for $199.


The Magellan Switch series works best for hardcore athletes who often find themselves off the grid. Fitness feedback includes distance, speed and elevation provided by Magellan's GPS system, and can connect with heart rate monitors, bike speed sensors and other ANT+ technologies for additional information. The nine activity profiles are ideal for multi-sport athletes, with progress uploadable to popular personal training sites like Strava and Training Peaks.


Motorola's MotoACTV is another sports-centric watch with a heavy lean towards music playback. The workout tracker is powered by an Android app that is accessible online, with all fitness stats recorded without external sensors. The accompanying waterproof, wireless headphones are designed to tune out the pain as athletes work towards their fitness goals. MotoACTV is available from the Motorola store for $250.

Future_WatchesCES6a.jpg Future_WatchesCES6b.jpg

For the everyday wearer, the WiMM One offers a simple platform that is easy to style individually. Working off of built-in apps, the platform is highly customizable, both in terms of mounting and digital readout options. The allure of WiMM is the platform, which is open to third party developers to create new uses for the watch.


The all-in-one i'm watch works with apps to connect the user to social media, news, weather and other essentials. One standout feature is the ability to send and receive calls through your Bluetooth connected phone from the watch face. The watch is available through i'm watch's online shop for $329.



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Critical Hit LED D20 Die

Critical Hit LED D20 Die:


Geek gamers already have plenty of D20 die, but I bet yours doesn’t light up. The Critical Hit LED D20 Die does. Make every roll count and make it look good. This 20-sided die for D&D and other RPGs lights up red when you roll a critical hit of 20. This should liven up your [...]

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