Khaleesi! You’re Saying It Wrong

Linguistics expert David J. Peterson developed the foreign tongues for Westeros and the lands beyond the narrow sea. Though Dothraki and Valyrian were mentioned in the books, Peterson fleshed out a handful of words into completely speakable languages for the Game of Thrones series. And he’s got news for us: we’re all mispronouncing “Khaleesi”. By all I don’t mean just fans, even Jorah Mormont and even the show-runners.

Peterson states it should be “KHAH-lay-see,” but everyone says “ka-LEE-see.” He is not a fan. As he told Vulture:

“That’s not how it’s supposed to sound,” said Peterson. “The vowel change bugs me… The producers decided they liked the other way better. They probably thought most people were pronouncing it that way anyway, which is true.”

I’ll just remember to say it the right way if I’m ever around Peterson.