Life's Recipes: iPad + Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard

Life's Recipes

I have been thinking a lot about how many cool things in life are not a single thing but rather many put together to solve a problem. I am starting a series of post I call Life's Recipies. These may be physical things that work well together or also software. Even better yet, sometimes combining both result in awesome workflows.

iPad + Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard

The iPad is great as a tablet, but terrible to work on for any real writing. Adding the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard makes using the iPad as a work device possible.

Look and Feel
The keys on the keyboard are real keyboard keys. They have a great feel. They are a bit cramped but not so bad that you will hate it. The Face of the keyboard comes in three colors that I have seen, black, white, and red. The back of the keyboard is aluminium. I was worried that the back would scratch, but so far no scratches.

Viewing Angle
The iPad sits in the slot at only one angle, but it is very tolerable for lengthy writing sessions. My favorite writing position is the have the iPad in portrait mode. When you place the iPad in landscape mode, it locks in to the slot with the magnetic edge. The grip is strong enough that you can pick up the iPad and the keyboard together and they don't fall apart.

Power Switch & Battery
Another cool feature is the physical on off switch. You don't have any situation where it might turn on in your bag. The battery life is insane. I charged mine once months ago and haven't charged it since.

Function Keys
The keyboard also has function keys that are activated by pressing the function button at the bottom left of the keyboard and one of the number keys at the top. For example I can press keys to launch spotlight search, Safari, the on-screen keyboard, cut copy and paste, playing and pause, and volume.

When the keyboard is not in use it has an magnetic edge that clips to the iPad and closes like a case. I personally don't use it this way, as it requires the iPad to be completely naked.

The feature that is missing for me, is a button that activates dictation without having to pop up the on-screen keyboard. Perhaps I have an older model that came out before the iPad 3. Not sure if the new model of the keyboard has one?

I would also rather the keyboard work with the iPad with some form of case. Or at very minimum fold behind the iPad when not in use.

So I highly recommend this recipe of an iPad and a Logitech ultrathin keyboard.