LEGO Minecraft

LEGO Minecraft:

The upcoming LEGO Minecraft set chosen by Cuusoo users was recently announced at the LEGO World gathering in Denmark, and it is also showing up on such sites as Brickset, FBTB and the LEGO Cuusoo blog (and, amazingly, LEGO seems to have redesigned the press page of their site - I've complained in the past that they never seemed to post their press releases to their own site, so I'd get things like the official press release of the Tolkien theme, or the DC/Marvel themes via other fan sites). Anyway, I guess this counts as microscale. I don't play Minecraft, but these look like the Minecraft pictures I've seen. Mostly I see these as basic brick, plate, and particularly 1x1 tile parts packs. I'll be interested to see a parts breakdown to see if they are cost effective in this manner. That said, I'm sure Minecraft players will greatly enjoy this set and expand upon it from their collections.


(Via MicroBricks)