Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin - Final Battle

Very sad day in the Ultimate Universe as Peter Parker is killed by the Green Goblin in Ultimate Comics Spider-man #160 "Black Polybagged" .  In an epic battle, Spider-Man and the Green Goblin finally have their last meet up.   I won't give away details on how it ended, but I will say it was well written.  I wasn't really following Spider-Man in this series but picked up two poly sealed editions. I read one, and kept the other one sealed.  I also picked up a couple issues of the Amazing Spider-Man comic.  It turns out that Spidey is now part of the Fantastic Four since the Human Torch was killed off.   "I am really behind in the story lines."  

My 7 year old son Josh has gotten very interested in the whole process around comic books. He watches me carefully flip the pages, so not to bend them. He was also curious about the process to seal them in a bag and board.  I shared my old collection of comics with him and we really enjoyed looking through some of the old covers.  I think he has definitely caught the bug.

I am a casual comic reader. I only pick up key issues. Occasionally a series like Civil War  will catch my eye and I will collect all the entire series.  Since I am not able to get to the comic book store often enough, I usually miss some issues.  I am researching mail order services that can deliver them to my door.  Hopefully if I find one that I trust my comic collection will grow once again.

If you know of any good mail order comic delivery services let me know by leaving a comment below.