Say Goodbye to "Kay" and Hello to "Jay" on your iPhone

So, let's say you have a friend named "Jay", and you like to send him lots of SMS or emails from your iPhone. The problem is that your iPhone wants to auto correct "Jay" to "Kay". Well, the conventional way to fix this is to press the little "x" next to "Kay" every time it comes up. The iPhone is supposed to learn. But sometimes it just gets stubborn about it. The solution in ios5 is to just add a new keyboard shortcut.


  1. Goto Settings the shortcuts setting under keyboards
  2. Then General
  3. Then Keyboards
  4. Then scroll down to shortcuts
  5. Add a new shortcut phrase "Jay" with the shortcut in lower case "jay"


This should work for any annoying auto correct problem you're having.

Follow the pitures below if you need help.