MIFI: USB charging and WIFI Access Point at The Same Time

One of the best devices in my gadget bad is my MIFI. This little card gets me online anywhere.  However there are a few drawbacks.  

1. You can't really tell how much battery is left on the unit.  

2. If you charge it via the USB connection on your PC or MAC you can no longer use it as a WIFI access point.

 I think i solved the second one.


Instructions – These steps allow the MiFi to continue to function as a WiFi access point when connected to a computer via USB for charging
  1. When connected to the MiFi over WiFi navigate the the Admin Panel. In your web browser go to
  2. Log in
  3. Navigate to the Advanced Tab
  4. Download the configuration File
  5. Create a copy of the file (Backupis always good although we are only making a single change)
  6. Open the configuration file in a text editor like NotePad or TextEdit
  7. Find the setting routeroverusb
  8. By default this is set to a value of 0. Change the value from 0 to 1
  9. Save the file
  10. Upload the file to the MiFi via the Advanced Tab
  11. Restart the MIFI