Recipe: Tortilla Española

Tortilla Española 🍴



prep 20 mins    ∙ serves 4   ∙ difficulty Medium 


1/3 cup olive oil

1 lb idaho or yukon potatoes, peeled and sliced into 1/4-inch moons (about 3 cups)

10 oz yellow onions, peeled and thinly sliced (about 1/4 onion)

1 Dash of coarse sea salt (maybe 4 😉)

6 large eggs


Heat the olive oil in a 10-inch nonstick skillet over medium heat and add the potatoes, onions and any specialty item. (Diced, serrano ham, chorizo etc. )

Stir every so often and season with sea salt, cook until the potatoes are cooked through and the onions are soft, 8 to 10 minutes. (Make sure the oil never gets so hot that it fries the potatoes to much, just brown edges.

Turn off the heat and let the potatoes cool for 10 minutes. (This step is optional, seriously who wants to wait) This way they are still warm but not piping hot, so they won't start cooking the eggs in the next step.

Crack the eggs into a large bowl, season with salt (yes more salt ) and whisk until thoroughly mixed. Using a slotted spoon, scoop the potato-and-onion mixture into the eggs, making sure to keep the oil in the skillet, and stir to combine. Reserve the cooking oil.

Optional: You can cover egg mixture and refrigerate for at least one hour and up to eight. (Only If you are not ready to make it and just prepping for later)

When you're ready to cook the tortilla, heat the same skillet over medium heat. Add 2 tbsp of the reserved oil. Pour the egg mixture into the pan and cook undisturbed over very low heat until the sides of the eggs have set and the middle is beginning to set, about 10 minutes.

This part is tricky:

See video for help start at 2m29s

Place a large plate That is slightly larger than the pan on top of the pan and invert. Gently slide the tortilla into the pan with the cooked side — which shouldn't be brown and overly fried but rather a soft egg pillow the color of butter — Cook for another 3 minutes and remove from the heat. Let rest in the pan for a few minutes.




2014 Mini Cooper Countryman Tire Information

I am posting these pictures after being very frustrated while searching for photos on Google images for the tire pressure information area of my Mini Cooper dashboard. Hope this helps mini cooper owners.


Start with vehicle info > Choose vehicle status

This will then show you your tire pressure status. If one of your tires is low or flat it will change the color to red. 


What do those Status Icons and Symbols mean on your iPhone?

Ever wondered what all those status icons and symbols mean that sit in the iPhone status bar, along the top of the screen? You’re certainly not alone, and while some of those little symbols make perfect sense, others can be a bit of a mystery even to longtime iPhone users. Sure, the obvious ones like cell bars signal (or the true numerical signal if you enabled it) and the 4G, LTE, battery, and Wi-Fi indicators are pretty self explanatory, but what about that little circle you see sometimes? Or what about the moon icon, or the two interlinking circles? Or the little arrow that points up and to the right? Don’t let those status bar icons be a mystery any longer. 

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Easy Proof Reading on your iPhone and iPad

Easy Proof Reading:
If you're like me, and lack attention to detail, you will find that sometimes you may mistype something in an email or text message. Here is a great way to have your iPhone or iPad quickly proof read your text to you.

To enable text to speech on your iPhone or iPad, you must turn on the feature in the settings by going to Settings > General > Accessibility.

Select the "Speak Selection" option and adjust the other settings, such as speaking rate and languages, according to your preferences.

When you are ready to check your written words, simply select a block of text like you are going to copy and paste it. Just tap and hold the text until a pop-up action menu appears and select "Speak" to listen to your written words.

Also use this to have your phone read you long articles online. Hope this helps

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Creepy Facebook is looking at your contacts again

This was made for a friend who had a problem with Facebook using her contacts in her iPhone in a creepy way. Facebook started recommending her work contacts as suggested friends. She did not want Facebook to know anything about her work contacts. This is how you shut that down.

Goto Settings > Facebook and shut off the contacts switch.
Hope this helps

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How I organize my iPhone

Many have asked me how I organize my iPhone. With so many apps now, it's hard to figure out where to put them. The best method for me has been to create a folder for each category, and then pull out to the left the top 3 apps that I use the most. I leave the categoryfolder at the end of each row. When a new app becomes more used than others I just swap them in and out of the folders. Hope this Helps.

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