Couch Potato, Sports Nut

Sling Box - For the Couch Potato or Sports Nut - $219

The Sling Box is an amazing device. You can take anything that you have playing on your home TV and broadcasts it remotely to your laptop iPad or iPhone. Even if you have a TiVo DVR, or any kind of cable box this device bypasses the mall and sends whatever is on your TV to where you are.  If you are into sports, soap operas,reality shows, or even honey boo-boo.  You're never to far away from your home TV with the Slingbox.


Health Nut

Withings Scale - For the Health Nut - $159

The Withings scale is an amazing scale. It tracks your weight for you and send it to your iPhone or iPad.  You can see a graph of you success or failure as you track your weight.  If you are daring you can even have it post your weight daily to Facebook or Twitter.  The scale knows who it is weighing and can track your whole family.  I think can with this scale and the Fitbit that was previously recommended, you can't help but to lose weight.



Eye-Fi Connect Card - For the Photograher - $29

You wont believe how amazing this small gift is until you put it in your camera.  The EYE-FI card has changed the way we use our photos. As soon as you get home from an event. Your photos automatically get uploaded to your computer and then to your favorite online photo sites. Like Shutterfly, COSTCO, Walgreens and More....  This was a GAME CHANGER in our home.


Amazon Kindle Paper White - For the Reader - $119

Amazon Kindle - Paper White is the best all around kindle. If the person on your list loves to read, they will love this device. The pages are crisp and clear and with the backlight, reading at night is great.  I would recommend buying the ad sponsored version for $119.  If they really love it, they can pay a little more and have the ads removed.  They only show when the kindle is off anyway.  No one should mind.